Fri. Dec 8th, 2023
Unwind and Dine: Gourmet Hotels in Mumbai

Defense-heritage derives its name because of its close proximity to the city’s two defense colonies and is home to the largest collection of tanks, airplanes, and motorcycles. Reconnecting with History can be truly cherished by staying in one of Mumbai’s Heritage Hotels. Rewind back with captivating tea gardens, interesting museums, and rejuvenating spas. An ideal combination of luxury and heritage, these hotels blend the old and the new into an immersive experience that allows travellers to explore the days gone by.” “Mumbai, the commercial capital of India has long been known for its bright, vibrant culture. From Bollywood to the iconic Gateway of India, the city has plenty to offer the sightseer. For those looking for something a bit more unique, there is no shortage of creative escapes available. From boutique hotels to art-filled apartments, Mumbai offers visitors an array of unique hotel stays that will make their stay in the city even more enchanting.

The suburbs of the city play host to a number of luxury boutique hotels that offer guests a taste of luxury. Each of these unique retreats offers a range of distinct amenities that will make any stay truly unforgettable. De Angelis in d’Urbe, is a stunning boutique hotel that was designed with its guests’ utmost comfort in mind. It features spacious and comfortable rooms, magnificent serene views, and excellent service and hospitality. For those looking for something more rustic, there are plenty of options in the form of local guesthouses. These offer visitors the ultimate cultural experience. Prabhanjan in Kashid and Naura hotels in Alibag are excellent choices for those wanting to submerge themselves into the local culture. Alternatively, the city also has a large selection of houseboats which offer a truly unique experience. These houseboats are fitted with all the necessary amenities and are a great way to explore the city’s most untouched areas.

With art increasingly gaining recognition in India, Mumbai has become a hub for creative projects. The city is a hot spot for artistic getaways, especially for those looking to enjoy a unique stay. Accomodation options such as The Taj Mahal in Chembur, the Taj West End in Bandra, and the Park Hyatt in Colaba are all excellent for the art-loving traveller. For those looking for something different, good hotels in mumbai there are also a number of Airbnb apartments that come fully equipped with unique artwork, furniture and designs. All in all, Mumbai’s artistic getaways are ideal for those looking to discover the city’s culture and its art scene. These unique lodging options make for an unforgettable experience and are sure to leave visitors wanting to come back for more. Whether you choose a grand hotel or a more affordable guesthouse, the city has plenty to offer all kinds of travellers.

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